Meagan Walsh

you’ll be mine until morning

I don’t believe in wrong timing.

Nor do I believe that forever must be everlasting.

Everything has its time.

It just may not be the timing you would have liked.

Read that again,

its a hard pill to swallow.

It’s so absurd to blame the social construct of time

to why we do not get our way.

When you learn to trust the flow

of people coming in and out of your life

as they should,

like the rising tides of the ocean.

You will find peace with each relationship.

You will have people promise you forever.

This is inevitable when wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Remember this my love,

forever is a perceived reality,

no one knows how long it lasts.

Sometimes this forever will expire

six o’clock on Sunday morning

and this promise of forever

will be shown by the impact they leave on you

for the remainder of your life.

One that was lived unapologetically and filled with love,

but it does not guarantee their presence.

So the next time someone makes the promise of forever

upon your gentle heart,

take it with a grain of salt

and trust that forever will last as long as it is meant to.

P.S. the tide only remains low until morning.

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